Pet Portraits by Pierre Mainguene: Oil Paintings of your Pet (dog, cat...

Pet Portraits by Pierre

Oil paintings of dogs, cats, horses...

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Pet Portraits by Pierre Mainguene: Oil Paintings of your Pet (dog, cat...)


Welcome to my pet portrait website!

The portrait on the right is of my dog, Josephine, when she was about six years old. I am the one who painted it, of course. The painting hangs above the fireplace in my living room. Josie is older now and a little grayer, but she's here every day, always busy bringing lots of fun around the house (except, of course, when she's sleeping - which is most of the time). In the painting (titled Anticipation) she's looking up the stairs, anxiously awaiting her human before her daily walk.

I never get tired of looking at this portrait of my darling little dog. The snapshot captured her in a simple pose a few years ago and the painting makes her young forever in my mind. That's what an original pet portrait does for you. It's a wonderful feeling! I hope you too will get one for yourself, hang it on a wall in your home and experience the joy for years to come.

Commissioning a pet portrait is actually very simple. All you need to do is send me a few pictures of your dog, cat, horse, pig (or your favorite alpaca) and I will paint a custom original portrait just for you - a timeless work of art that will capture the unique spirit and soul of the animal you love.
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Pet Portraits - Portrait of a dog: Beagle


I do it the old-fashioned way... by hand, sitting at my easel, one brush stroke at a time, using traditional oil paints on stretched canvas. Just like the old masters! See the Portrait Gallery for examples of my work.

Cheers! Pierre

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